What Awaits Us In Pandasaurus Games’ Godspeed?

August 28, 2019 by brennon

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Pandasaurus Games has teased a new game which is coming next year. All we have to go on for Godspeed is the box cover and a very creepy line from the publisher...

Godspeed - Pandasaurus Games

All that Pandsaurus Games have said so far about Godspeed is...

"The "space race" was a lie"

It will be interesting to find out what that means but one can infer that it's going to be terrible since the cosmonaut on the front of the box is not looking very happy at all. Whilst I originally thought the tendrils on the helmet were just that, it does appear that it's actually a landscape of rivers, canyons, forests and more. Maybe something else is awaiting us in the depths of space which is a little more habitable?

We do know that it plays with two-to-five players and games last about ninety minutes with the full complement of players.

Colour me intrigued, especially since I have been playing a lot of No Man's Sky recently!

"Colour me intrigued..."

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