Plaid Hat Tell A Bed Time Story With New Game Stuffed Fables

August 17, 2017 by dracs

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Plaid Hat Games have new story telling board game up for pre-order, letting you explore the nightmarish world of a bed time story; Stuffed Fables.

Stuffed Fables Banner

In this new game from Jerry Hawthorne, of Mice and Mystics fame, players take on the role of Stuffies, stuffed toys who must now work together to protect the girl who loves them from the master of nightmares in the strange realm of the Fall.

Stuffed Fables

Each adventure of the game plays out on the pages of a storybook, acting as both your guide to the events and as the map and gaming board itself.

Stuffed Fables Set up

The game itself features a variety of miniatures, each with a great dark fairy tale style to them. I can definitely see the influence of stories like the movie 9 in some of them.

Stuffed Fables miniatures

The concept and style of this game is one I am immediately in love with, being a big fan of dark fairy tale and stitchpunk.

Funnily enough, myself and some friends were recently discussing an idea like this after watching this youtube video. To see something like that coming out, with the mind from Mice and Mystics behind it to boot, has got me really excited. I can't wait to give it a go.

Fancy playing through an adventure in Stuffed Fables?

"Stuffed toys who must work together to protect the girl who loves them"

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