Plaid Hat Games’ Dead Of Winter Available For Pre-Order

December 4, 2013 by brennon

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Plaid Hat Games are making this season one to be jolly about with a meta-cooperative adventure in the form of Dead of Winter. This game is now available to pre-order!

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter is a game for two to five players and has each player working towards their own secret victory condition while also trying to staying alive. All of you could win, all of you could die, maybe you just have to work out who needs sacrificing for the good of the mission?

Kodiak Colby

Pre-ordering the game through Plaid Hat Games will also net you the Kodiak Colby survivor which is clearly the best of your cards right? I love the sound of this game and it's right up my groups alley as we've all fallen in love with games like Avalon in the past.

As well as netting yourself an extra you will also get to vote on where the Crossroads series goes. It looks like the theme of Dead of Winter is going to also go deep underground, into space and back in time to fuedal Japan. I would hope, and I know Plaid Hat will deliver, that the mechanics for each really do make the sets shine.

This is going to be one awesome game.

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