Poor, Unfortunate Souls: Disney’s Villainous Is An Instant Family Favourite

August 10, 2018 by cassn

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“You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. Me! The mistress of all evil!” - Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty

If you're the sort of board game player who cackles loudly as they condemn their friends to complete misery for your own personal gain, Disney - Villainous is definitely for you.

First, let's get something clear - Ariel made a deal.  Alice was trespassing.  Robin Hood was a no-good thief, Peter Pan was an unruly child and Aladin committed identity theft.  And as for Snow White; all I'm saying is that when the headline reads 'Vain Teen Shacks up with Seven Men', people are pretty quick to blame the step mum.

My point is, villain is a strong word for people just trying to get through life with their own chaotic evil alignment.  To quote Jessica Rabbit, "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way".  So it's nice to see a board game dedicated to the real heroes of the Disney universe.

In Disney - Villainous you choose from six characters (Ursula, Queen of Hearts, Prince John, Captain Hook, Jafar or Maleficent) and try to enact your evil plans.  Each villain has their own storyline and objective and exists in their own realm.  On their turn, players move to one of four locations in their realm and carry out evil schemes which will push them ever closer to victory.

There is a villain deck to aid your progress, and also a fate deck which can be played against other players, ensuring you are the evilest of all the evil going on at the table.  Within the fate deck, there are also those so-called 'heroes' of the Disney universe waiting to thwart your perfectly reasonable plans for murder, mayhem and general chaos.  Pfft, losers.

Disney - Villainous is a must-have family game (who doesn't love Disney?), but it can also translate as a light-hearted interval during an otherwise intense game night (again, who doesn't love Disney?!).  It's currently available online through Amazon.

Although you can hinder other players, characters stay confined to their own realm, so there's no hope of a Jafar/Maleficent showdown yet sadly.  However, true villains take happiness in destroying the joy in others, and I for one am excited to make my ten-year-old niece weep uncontrollably.  She's such an Ariel.

Which Disney villain rocks your realm? Let us know below!

"...a board game dedicated to the real heroes of the Disney universe"

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