PSC Games’ Shieldwalls Clash In Battle Ravens Kickstarter

November 21, 2018 by brennon

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PSC Games has now hit Kickstarter with their new project for Daniel Mersey's Battle Ravens. This game is one of shieldwall battles where Anglo-Saxons and Vikings clash in a brutal struggle for control, each shieldwall pushing against the other just waiting for it to break.

Battle Ravens - PSC Games

The game features units designed by the wonderful artist, Peter Dennis, and while the main game features Anglo-Saxons and Vikings they have also revealed designs for Scots, Normans and Welsh forces too. Each of these armies has their own unique tactical edge.

Battle Ravens Gameplay - PSC Games

Gameplay is simple and brutal with you taking your Ravens and assigning them to appropriate units. When you do you roll dice to determine the results of the battle and try and force back your foe, breaking their shieldwall. Once three enemy shieldwall areas have been captured you win the game and break the back of your foe.

Tactics cards have also been included in the mix which helps theme each of your forces. The Vikings become a brutal hammer whilst the Anglo-Saxons, for example, become an immovable wall of resolute defenders.

 Will you be checking out Battle Ravens for yourself?

"Tactics cards have also been included in the mix which helps theme each of your forces..."

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