EXO: Mankind Reborn – A Quick Overview Of Game Mechanics

April 10, 2018 by brennon

Plast Craft continues their series of reveals for their upcoming game, EXO: Mankind Reborn


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We bring you a new article! In this instalment, we will give you a general overview of the long-awaited phases and mechanics of the game.

Each game round consists of four phases: Disaster, Resource, Production, Action and Night. We will explain them briefly below...

  • Disasters - During this phase, we will determine with a dice roll how the climatology will affect the environment, how the environment’s fauna will behave, and also how the climate will affect our Exoanimals. All this will be detailed in quick reference tables for each mission.
  • Resource Production - During this phase players will produce exoenergy and a variety of resources. To do so our heroes will be able to assemble different buildings that will be represented by extraction tiles. At the beginning of the turn, each player will take a resource off each tile he has on the board and store it, if possible, in his backpack if they are resources, or in the exoenergy pool of his/her exoanimal, in the case of exoenergy.
  • Actions - During this phase, players must decide which actions they will be performing both with their heroes and with their exoanimals. There are common actions to be carried out by both characters and others specific to each one.

Let’s explain these actions...

Movement And/Or Attack

As its name suggests, our characters can perform a movement and/or attack.

EXO: Mankind Reborn - Dashboard

If during the Movement action our heroes enter an area where a larvae token of an insect is found, this must be flipped therefore revealing the type of insect and replacing it with a miniature of the same type.

EXO: Mankind Reborn - Larva Token Revealed

With Attack, our heroes will make a dice roll adding the dice of their hero and their animal, causing damage to insects. Insect behaviour will be determined by a card drawn from the deck of the insect type.


At the cost of the indicated resource on the upgrade board, our characters can equip different upgrades, up to a maximum of three each.


This option will make our character recover a health point.

  • Hero Actions - These consist of...
    • Build: With this action, we can build a production tile depending on the type of resource predominant in the area that our hero is.
    • Resource Extraction: Using the constructions our heroes have built (production tiles), they can harvest one resource unit of the type produced.
    • Drone Remote Control: Once our drone beacon is built, our heroes can fly their drone, moving it around the board. These drones have unique abilities that we will reveal in another article.

EXO: Mankind Reborn - Harvester Resource Production

  • Exoanimal Specific Action - This consist of...
    • EXO Extract: Our animal will be able to extract exoenergy of the type that corresponds to the area where it is.

And finally, we reach...

  • The Night - During this phase, the insects show increased activity, therefore, the nests will generate new larvae, and those already present in the board, will move following a swarm behaviour…

EXO: Mankind Reborn - Larvae Movement

During this movement phase, if any of the insects or larvae present in the table enter an area occupied by any of our characters, there will be a night combat. This type of combat has the peculiarity that our heroes will not be able to counterattack since they are resting and not prepared. The only ones able to stand up to them are our animals!

After this, our heroes rest and recuperate and get ready to something to face a new day. So, here is where we conclude this brief summary. Stay tuned, as some videos will be published soon where you will see all this explained with a demo game.

Salute 2018

We (Plast Craft Games) will also be at Salute this year at booth TC04 with Simple Games showing off demos of the game!

Hope you like it!

"Stay tuned as some videos will be published soon where you will see all this explained with a demo game..."

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