Ransack Sandlot Of Loot & Fireworks In Goblin Firework Fight

March 17, 2022 by fcostin

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The goblins are up to no good in Paizo's upcoming title. Bringing a new party game set within the Pathfinder universe, placing Gobbos in the forefront of chaotic sneaking in Goblin Firework Fight.

Goblin Firework Fight Release - Paizo

Goblin Firework Fight // Paizo

Players are off to a small town, bustling after chaos and wishing to celebrate in an upcoming festival. Sandpoint, hoping to cause some chaos and create some havoc. Now, how might goblins do such a thing? They have one goal: to steal the town's fireworks!

2-4 players will be taking the role of mischievous goblins, in a fast-paced party game extending the world of Pathfinder. Players will be competing to loot some explosives, with the hope to leave the town with the most in their arsenal.

Advanced Goblin - Goblin Firework Fight

Advanced Goblin // Goblin Firework Fight

This seems very peaceful and tame for Pathfinder Goblins does it not? Well, along with keeping your eyes on the prize and taking those fireworks outside the town - you'll have to keep your eyes on the other opponents too. As they might be willing to steal some of yours! But, you are most welcome to do the same back to them.

There are many different goblins to flex, whether you want to take to the fight by using dog slicers to rob from opponents, wield a shield to stop sneaky stealers, or claim dominance as a Crafty Goblin to pick up loot first each time.

Squealy Nord Mayhem - Goblin Firework Fight

Squealy Nord Mayhem Card // Goblin Firework Fight

Over a course of several rounds, players will take their turn collecting unknown loot from the town, which will be in the form of tokens and may not necessarily be fireworks either. These may be weapons or tools to make the situation even tenser! However, there is a chance that pig Squeeky Nord is hiding amongst the pile waiting for the right player to feel his squealing wrath.

After ten rounds have been played, there is a chance for all players to get their final stabs in before returning back home with their loot. Meaning a peaceful trek back to the cave after the final steals of the game. I can imagine some players will enjoy saving up to the end! Whoever has raked in the most fireworks by the end of the game - regardless of method achieved - will be crowned the "bestest goblin of the raid".

The game is currently available on the Paizo website, and is sitting in pre-order at FLGS stores worldwide. The game was set to release at the end of 2021, and further updates into February 2022.  Hopefully, we will be able to see this mad goblin title available to a wider audience and be in a full swing of release soon.

Think you have what it takes to be a brutal stabby goblin? 

"Players will be competing to loot some explosives, with the hope to leave the town with the most in their arsenal.  "

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