Have A Crack At Regicide, A Challenging Co-Op Card Game

September 6, 2021 by brennon

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Regicide from Badgers From Mars is a challenging cooperative card game that you can play with a regular pack of cards. It is also available as a boxed game featuring stunning artwork from Sketchgoblin!

Regicide - Badgers From Mars

Regicide // Badgers From Mars

In Regicide, one-to-four players will take control of Fantasy adventurers trying to topple the corrupt monarchy. A deck of cards is split up with the Jacks, Queens and Kings turned into a boss deck for you to tackle and the other cards dished out to the players around the table.

Regicide Cards - Badgers From Mars

Regicide Cards // Badgers From Mars

During gameplay, players will choose cards to play from their hand, damage the characters from the Castle deck (with the Jacks, Queens and Kings) and then activate powers depending on the suit that you've played. Once you've defeated all of the cards in the Castle deck, you win!

There are a couple of fun twists to the game though too. For one, players can't communicate what cards they have in their hand. In this way, you have to try and intuitively work out the best plays in the moment. In addition to that, if one player goes down then EVERYONE loses.

If you'd like to learn more about the game then you can check out their Learn To Play video below...

Regicide: Learn To Play // Badgers From Mars

You can also download a full set of Rules and have a crack at the game yourself with a regular deck of fifty-two cards.

As I mentioned above, you can play the game with a normal deck of cards but it will look (and feel) even better with the decks from Sketchgoblin. You can pre-order either the Black or Red Box currently with a release hitting around November.

I am eager to give this a go. I think it's an inventive way to have fun with a regular deck of cards!

"...you can play the game with a normal deck of cards but it will look (and feel) even better with the decks from Sketchgoblin"

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