Renegade Seek The Power Of The Eternal Throne

May 4, 2019 by brennon

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Renegade Game Studios has joined forces with Dire Wolf Digital to bring their previously released digital strategy game to the tabletop in a new guise. Check out Eternal: Chronicles Of The Throne.

Eternal Chronicles Of The Throne - Renegade Game Studios

This game is a standalone deckbuilder with strategy elements due to be released in August. It plays with between two and four players and only takes around half an hour to play. Their tag line of 'six shooters and sorcery' certainly makes things sounds even more enticing.

Eternal Chronicles Of The Throne Card Fan - Renegade Game Studios

With Paul Dennen in the mix behind this game, the designer on Clank!, this already has a good pedigree as you summon allies to defeat your enemies and defend you from attacks.

The art style for the game also really hits the spot for me. I think there's a bit of a World Of Warcraft feel to it with everything being larger than life. Hopefully, this carries over into the abilities and characters themselves which provide you with dynamic and heroic encounters.

Are you tempted by this one?

"Are you tempted by this one?"

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