Renegade Announce Solo Hero Game Proving Grounds

January 10, 2019 by cassn

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Maia Strongheart stands alone against the world. A cabal of conspirators has framed her for the death of her own mother, the Sun Queen, and they intend to usurp the throne from her family. To prove her own innocence and reclaim her birthright, Maia must step into the Proving Grounds to complete a trial that will stretch her combat skills to the limit. Will the Wizened’s chosen daughter vanquish her foes in the arena? Or will she be overwhelmed by the conspirators and their evil aspirations?

Proving Grounds is a real-time solitaire dice game which blends narrative and gameplay into an immersive solo gaming experience. This is the first title in Renegade Game Studios' Solo Hero game series and, in the box, players will find a novella - Only the Strongest Can Survive, written by Monica Valentinelli - which sets the scene for the events of the game which will follow.


Proving Grounds contains everything you need to solo game, including a training game and six different gameplay modules which can be incorporated alone or in tandem, meaning players both new and old gamers will find something to entice them.


Proving Grounds will be hitting retailer shelves in April 2019, but can currently be pre-ordered through your local game store or the Renegade website.

Are you a solo board gamer, or do you prefer a group?

"Everything you need to solo game, including a training game and six different gameplay modules!"

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