River Horse Power Up More Previews For Pacific Rim: Extinction

March 2, 2018 by brennon

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Coming to Kickstarter on March 12th, River Horse is going to be dropping Jagers and Kaiju onto the tabletop in Pacific Rim: Extinction. Over on Facebook, they've been sharing some more of their previews including another Jager, Saber Athena.

Saber Athena - Pacific Rim Extinction

Here's more about this particularly lithe looking Jager and hunter of monsters...

"A close-quarters combat specialist, Saber Athena is the sleekest and most elegant Jaeger ever created. With her ultra-light frame and hyper-tensile muscle strands, she can leap, tumble and kick higher and faster than any other Jaeger.

To complement these uniquely mechrobatic combat attributes, she’s equipped with two back-mounted Ionic Twinblades that can be fused together to form a singular overcharge sword."

It looks like the Jagers for this game, at least these first few, are going to be based on the robots from the latest film. Of course, it can't be Pacific Rim without some Kaiju...

Gyaka, Gyaka!

Ah, Rush Hour. Anyway, here is one of the Kaiju that you're going to be going up against as we meet Shrikethorn.

Shrikethorn - Pacific Rim Extinction

"Erupting from the depths of the Pacific, the Kaiju have returned, and are more dangerous than ever. A category IV Kaiju, Shrikethorn can tear apart unwary opponents with its deadly tail spikes.

Engineered by the Precursors with bioluminescent bone spines, Shrikethorn’s body is adorned with razor-sharp spikes which it launches with a whip of its tail, firing a salvo of lethal projectiles at its target."

It looks deadly indeed and you might have seen it in some of the trailers for the new film.

Hopefully, the gameplay for Pacific Rim: Extinction stands up and provides us with an epic clash between these towering beasts and robot defenders.

Are you going to be taking a peek at the Kickstarter when it launches?

"Of course, it can't be Pacific Rim without some Kaiju..."

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