Roll With Some New Dice For Mantic’s Dungeon Saga

August 14, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have punched through another stretch goal for Dungeon Saga and the attention has now turned to some more extras for backers. Fancy rolling some themed dice while wearing a themed t-shirt and picking the dice from a themed bag? I thought so.

Hero Dice

Dice Bag

Dungeon Master Dice

Kickstarter T-Shirt

I do like the look of those themed dice and when you get that nice swirl to them it looks very smart indeed. The red for heroes and the purple for the dungeon master is also a good choice in my opinion. Being normal D6 they can of course then be used in other games too so no problems there!

The t-shirt is alright but I think it's maybe a bit plain. I think it might have been cool to have the cover image of the box faded around the edges onto a grey or black t-shirt rather than just the title being there. Then you could have had Dungeon Saga written across the back instead.


This chap, Blaine, will also be showing up at some point as he does with most of Mantic's Kickstarters nowadays. The artwork is very cool and fits into the world of Kings of War while offering up a look at something a bit more Far Eastern. It will be neat to see how this one turns out miniature wise.

Will you be getting any of the add-ons?

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