Dangerously Roll & Write In Devious Dragonquest Dungeon

August 9, 2022 by fcostin

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Another title from Kickstarter is heading over to retail before the close of the year. Dragonquest - Fantasy Dice Game from Queen Games will be making its way to retail stores in Q4 of 2o22. Bringing a fierce dungeon crawl combined with roll-and-write mechanics. Do you think you will be able to guide your way out alive?

Dragonquest Box Art - Queen Games

Dragonquest - Fantasy Dice Game Box Art // Queen Games

Based on the Dragonquest board game from Fandrake, Queen Games are gearing up to release a treasure-fuelled, dice-rolling dangerous dungeon crawler. Testing those brave enough to conquer the mighty foes, and steal the loot that dwells within.

Loot is the sole driving ambition of this adventure, around each corner and roll of the die, lay terrifying traps and marvellous monsters. Hoping to get in the way between player and precious booty. Across 19 spaces, players will be drawing a path across the sun track to hopefully reach the centre, swag some goods and escape with life intact.

Board And Components Preview - Dragonquest

Board And Components Preview // Dragonquest - Fantasy Dice Game

Either as a solo journey or with three other adventurers, players will be making their way across ruins. At the end of the game, coated in blood and hopefully, all in one piece: the player with the most treasure will be crowned the winner. Sadly, some adventurers may not make it til the bitter end, having only 13 Life points to tempt fate and the dice.

Back of the Box - Dragonquest

Back of the Box // Dragonquest - Fantasy Dice Game

The game is set to be released in Q4 of this year, after a very successful Kickstarter. A full game can take roughly 30-40 minutes to play through, with a chance to bravely go in alone in a savage roll and write a dungeon crawler.

Think you are brave enough to go in alone to the Dragonquest roll-and-write dungeon? 

"Testing those brave enough to conquer the mighty foes, and steal the loot that dwells within..."

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