Delve Into Root With Clockwork Expansion & RPG!

September 16, 2019 by brennon

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Root is a massive game which has done exceptionally well for Leder Games and a Clockwork Expansion is on the way to open up even more alternatives for you to enjoy.

Root The Clockwork Expansion

In the Clockwork Expansion, you’ll find four automated factions you can add into the mix allowing you to fill in for other players around a table or turn the game into a full cooperative game as you battle against the wits of the inbuilt AI.

The factions break down into the…

  • Mechanical Marquise 2.0 - Dodge her marauding patrols as you try to stop her from completing her building tracks.
  • Electric Eyrie: Shore up the Woodland's defenses against this fearsome invader. If they go unchallenged, the Woodland will soon be flooded with their forces.
  • Automated Alliance - Police these radicals and raze their bases before a little uprising turns into a massive rebellion.
  • Vagabot - Hunt the dastardly Vagabot across the many clearings of the game or attempt to court him with items.

This seems like a nice way to spice up the game and allows you to delve further into the tactical options present in the game.

Root Roleplaying

As well as the new expansion for the board game, the team at Magpie Games are going to be drawing you deeper into the world of Root with a Roleplaying Game coming to Kickstarter soon.
The game uses the mechanics from Powered By The Apocalypse which are mechanics which focus heavily on narrative and storytelling using something called Moves in order to dictate the success or failure of your actions.

Root The Tabletop Roleplaying Game - Magpie Games

At its core, the mechanics are very simple but there is a lot of additional depth in there for those who want to explore a system which puts the power in the player's hands.

The Kickstarter is looking to fund the core rulebook but also a Travelers & Outsiders expansion with new playable races and more plus a Vagabond’s Satchel with lots of accessories. You can also get a very plush looking version of the different books too.

A Quickstart is available for you to try out for free, giving you the chance to test out the mechanics to see if they work with your group.

Are you tempted by this new Root goodness?

"Are you tempted by this new Root goodness?"

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