Sleuth Through Scandals & Secrets In Watergate

June 5, 2019 by cassn

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You must pursue this investigation of Watergate even if it leads to the president. I'm innocent. You've got to believe I'm innocent. If you don't, take my job. - Nixon

From the designer of Lancaster and Glen More comes Watergate, a two-player strategy game based on one of the greatest political scandals in modern history.

The investigation which transpired following the break-in at the Watergate complex resulted in multiple indictments, with Nixon himself narrowly avoiding impeachment and conviction.


Now, players can go head-to-head, either as editors of The Washington Post investigating Nixon's links to the events or as the Nixon administration, rapidly trying to cover-up information which could expose their culpability. Using two asymmetrical decks, players must work through sleuthing and secrecy to resolve the scandal which shook the United States of America.

Watergate will have a soft launch at GenCon 2019, before a full worldwide release on 14th August 2019, exactly 45 years after Nixon was forced to resign from office. You can check out the game in more detail here.

Would you rather play as The Washington Post or the Nixon administration and why? Comment below!

"The scandal which shook the United States!"

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