Search For Spectacular Specimens In Insect Inc.

May 16, 2019 by cassn

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Continuing our coverage of games showcasing at Tokyo Game Market 2019, Polar Pond Games' latest release may be beautiful, but it's a little bit buggy.


You are a dedicated scientist at Insect Inc., a company who is committed to breeding beautiful bugs as a form of art. Unfortunately, one of your colleagues has made a mistake and now an unnamed, undiscovered insect has fled into the forest.

You must recover this spectacular specimen before it can do damage to the delicate ecosystem. However, bug catching is not simple, and this specimen, when startled can camouflage itself into its environment. Using your keen searching skills, find the evasive insect before it is too late!


Insect Inc. is a beautiful game from the board game designer of Analog Lunchbox (Passtally, Dazzling Diceline). Insect Inc. will be available for purchase at booth K12 at Tokyo Game Market '19 later this month.

Does abstract game design appeal to you? Comment below!

"Find the evasive insect before it is too late!"

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