Second ZombiMadness Month Scenario Available For Zombicide

October 14, 2021 by fcostin

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Checking in at the second week of October with a brand new community-designed Zombicide scenario, as part of ZombiMadness month at CMON.


A Thousand Mazes to Die // Zombicide Black Plague

The newest scenario truly does place ambitious players into hard mode. For 6 survivors in total and taking roughly 60 minutes, players will take the lead from Zombicide fan, and content winner Beatrice Musu - taking a fantasy theme this week with Zombicide: Black Plague.

The new scenario this week is entitled, 'Quest B38: A Thousand Mazes To Die', so you can certainly count on the puppies, rainbows and unicorns in this scenario. Not... You can certainly expect many different ways to die when coming up against an Abominotaur.

The sun is shining, the zombies are hungry and if you do not get a wiggle on, you are going to die. The city is becoming more and more infected by the day. Due to the horde of zombies outside in the city, it's safer to escape than attempt to save any last survivors out there... if there are any! Fortunately for you, you have got a map and players must guide themselves around a maze that wants to devour you and your friends if they want to get out alive.

On a weekly basis, CMON has been releasing a series of Zombicide scenarios for players to immerse themselves in new content for completely free after the release of the second edition. And now October is here, players can take a dive into some fan-made scenarios as part of ZombiMadness Month.

Look's like this week for Zombimadness month is going to be quite the challenge. I wonder how many times I will die before I can actually pass this scenario...

"The sun is shining, the zombies are hungry and if you do not get a wiggle on, you are going to die..."

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