Save Sherry Birkin In Steamforged’s Resident Evil 2 Promos

March 25, 2020 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has added a new set of promotional cards and miniature into the mix for those playing Resident Evil 2: The Board Game. Are you going to dive in and save Sherry Birkin from the clutches of zombies and more nefarious villains?

Sherry Berkin & Promo Cards - Steamforged Games

You quite obviously need the main board game to use this new miniature and cards but this gives you a chance to pick up the super-rare (getting Pokemon vibes) and community-driven Sherry Birkin promotional model and accompanying set of five cards

These are just a nice cosmetic upgrade for the game and not essential in any way, but they do give you the chance to throw an adorable or annoying element into your games! Everyone loves an escort quest right?

Are you tempted to snag this little promotional set?

"Everyone loves an escort quest right?"

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