Skirmish For Juicy Dominion – Kiwi Chow Down Now On Backerit!

November 3, 2021 by fcostin

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In the early stages of 2021, a bananas board game from Detestable Games and Draco Studios brought blood-thirsty kiwis on the hunt for some kiwis.

Kiwi Chow Down is now up for pre-order and players can now take their army of kiwi birds out to feed. Working towards their main goal - kiwi fruit. As no other enemy kiwi will be getting in their way. So if you did miss your chance on Kickstarter, you can head on over to Backerit to secure an order.

Kiwi Chow Down - New

Kiwi Chow Down // Draco Studios & Detestable Games

Now, back to kiwis. Firstly, I am talking about the birds that are native to New Zealand. 1-5 players will be in search of kiwi fruit. Competing against one another for the score, tactics will need to be in place.

This is no regular kiwi bird approach. No, this is an army. An army of hungry and assertive kiwi birds, hoping to control and dominate over the lands of the glorious brown hairy fruit. Players will need to overwhelm the opposing army with the aim to gain the most victory points, and of course, fill their stomachs with enough fruit to keep them chirping.

KCD - Image Two

Card Preview // Kiwi Chow Down

Bird war is enduring. The great war of the Missing Ostrich is quite notable in history, spanning across 3 and a half years of peril. But kiwis, now these little rascals are ruthless. Taking players across all seasons of the year adhering to the changing times and objectives that will vary depending on the time of year.

Whether players want to build, feed or claim area. Players will find their own strategy in place - especially to keep their opponents at bay from taking all of the precious fruit.

KCD - Image Three

Board Preview/Setup // Kiwi Chow Down

Now, these kiwis are hungry. And if they eat too much, they become a little too chunky! A chubby Kiwi bird may be adorable and bullish enough to bully a baby bird off of the board. But if that greedy gut inhales too many kiwis, he is going to explode - taking a unit off of the table.

The game is set to release in August 2022, and players can secure an order of the main title, expansion, sleeves and miniature nests before release day.

I always feel that the word "kiwis" looks wrong. I feel like it should fit in the same format as "Sheep" and "Fish" when talking in the plural. 

"If you did miss your chance on Kickstarter, you can head on over to Backerit to secure an order. "

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