Things Get Slimey in Super Dungeon Explore

December 15, 2014 by dracs

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Soda Pop Miniatures have given us an update on their progress on the Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King Kickstarter. The latest news sees the appearance of something a little slimey.


The dungeons of Super Dungeon Explore are being infested with what has to be the cutest looking Slimes ever to appear in a fantasy dungeon crawler. We've all come up against Slimes in some form or other when playing fantasy games; they even turn up in video games such as Final Fantasy, but Soda Pop's ones definitely stand out as being the only miniature ones that actually look like jelly sweets.

Citrine Slime

Emerald Slime

Sapphire Slime

Ruby Slime

As you would expect from the bright and colourful world of Super Dungeon Explore, Soda Pop Miniatures have turned their Slimes into bright, characterful creatures. These will be available in the Bag O' Slime and Dungeons of Crystalia tile pack and should be an interesting obstacle for the game.

Do you like facing Slimes? Or do you hate getting slimed?

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