The SMOG rises… Good News for Gamers and Painters Alike!

May 19, 2011 by elromanozo

Hey guys !

This is an article for all those painters who like to game...

Remember the SMOG game we told you about, the one with the free downloadable rules and cards, playable with those gorgeous SmartMax miniatures ?

Well, it's here, it's out, it's in (good) shops, and if it isn't in your proverbial Local Game Store, you can always order it from SmartMax themselves. You can also read or download the fluff from the SMOG website... it's just as great as the minis !

The box is small but beautiful, and contains all the cards you'll need to play, a map, as well as eight tokens and character cards for those who don't have the minis to play... yet. The design is deliciously victorian... but I'll let you be the judge from the photos !

I fully endorse this game... Trying it out won me over ! It's so simple I was ready to play after all of two minutes of explanations. It has surprising tactical depth for such simple rules, and initiative/turn order is dealt with in an original fashion, marked on a board that's akin to Ouija (dun-dun-duuun)...

The characters are represented by stat cards (now included within the box of each miniature), and the game is played with three decks of special cards, one for each type of attack... No dice here, bluff and card counting are all a part of this game's strategy !

The cards each have an attack effect and a defensive one, and you always get a chance to counter or parry every attack... if you have enough cards in your hand to do so ! The spells (the Ether cards) are game-changing effects that can heal your characters, summon new ones, give them abilities and lay waste to the opponent... or indeed opponents : This game supports up to four players at a time, a welcome rarity in our hobby !

Of course, one can only regret that the game is to be played with miniatures more suited for the purses and tastes of collectors, even if the game itself is for everyone... And that the only thing differentiating the characters, besides their ability scores, is a single, admittedly decisive, special power...

But the game is very good indeed, and I spent a fine afternoon playing it, again and again.

Have you played the game ?

Do you like the miniatures ?

Tell us what you think in a comment below !

BoW Romain

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