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Smart Max Hold Closing Down Sale For SMOG Miniatures!


The entire of the Smart Max SMOG range is now being discontinued and that means they are having a HUGE closing down sale. At the time of writing this the numbers of models are correct but they might have gone so be quick!

Chill Out As Smart Max Release Their Soviet Sweet Hearts


People have been waiting for the release of these two for a while and now they are here; Taiga and Tundra, two beautiful but deadly women from the Theosoviet.

Smart Max Show Off Hard Working January Preview


Smart Max are making some awesome miniatures for January and they decided to drop off some previews of them over on Facebook.

October Sees Smart Max’s Allied Bots Enter Mauser Earth


On October 15th a group of characterful automatons are joining Smart Max's awesome weird World War Mauser Earth range. These are the Allied Bots.

Smart Max Show Off Some Amazing Robots For October


Smart Max have shown off some of their miniatures for October 2013. See what you think of these epic robots!

Smart Max Aim To Get You Started In SMOG


SMOG is playing host to some amazing looking starter sets to get you going in the world of SMOG.

Smart Max Give a Face to Their New Range Mauser Earth


Smart Max will soon be doing a new range called Mauser Earth, some Weird World War minis as only Smart Max can do them, the first of which has just shown his ugly mug.

Check Out Captain Canada From Smart Max Eh?


Check out this fantastic 50mm miniature from Smart Max! Captain Canada!

Smart Max Release a Crystal Cossack and a Nasty Nurse


Smart Max have two new awesome looking bizarre miniatures for you to add to your collections, whether you are looking for a 54mm gaming piece or a 150mm model just to show off.

Smart Max Releases The Decaying Le Soldat


The dark and twisted Le Soldat stalks out of Smart Max.

Beware Smart Max’s Snipers and Aliens


Smart Max have two new great sci-fi figures to spark off your shiny syndrome.

Smart Max 54mm Morgenstern & Trancheur


54mm Models from Smart Max now on sale!

Signor Geppeto from Smartmax


If you play SMOG: 13th Hour (and there is no reason you should not!) then you'll know it's always an exciting day when a new Smartmax model is released. This is Signor Gepetto, the latest model to be added to the game.

New Smog Releases from Smartmax


Take a look at the latest loveliness from Smartmax... Lady Usher and Yateem...

The SMOG rises… Good News for Gamers and Painters Alike!


This is an article for all those painters who like to game... remember the SMOG game we told you about? Well, it's here!

Free SMOG:13th Hour rules from Smartmax


If you like your Victorian Sci-Fi you'll have been waiting for this for a while... SMOG:13th Hour...

I’m a real boy… or is that monster???


Another excellent steampunk model from Smartmax, but what do you think of their range?

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