Head Into The Wild, Snap Animals & Collect Sets In Snapshot

October 27, 2021 by fcostin

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When I was wandering around all sparkly-eyed and full of whimsy at UKGE, a red-panda caught my eye. I was drawn over to the Paper Boat Games table where they were showcasing an upcoming board game named Snapshot.

Now, the red panda was no cheeky coincidence to lure animal lovers like me over to the booth (which it very much did that!), for me it put into vision exactly where the game was headed. As players head into the wild, research, equip and snap some incredible photos by the collection of a set, the roll of a few D6s and a sprinkle of luck on-side.

Snapshot Kickstarter Image // Paper Boat Games

Snapshot is now up on Kickstarter, already smashing its initial target, as players photograph their way into success. Taking some stunning pictures of rare and exotic animals.

Players will take on the role of Wildlife Photographers in hopes to win the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Now, to achieve this mission - 2-4 players will need to journey into the terrain both harsh and picturesque, to aim their focus on the direction of the incredible creatures that inhabit the earth. Working their way through secret assignments for Snapshot Magazine to achieve a snapshot worthy of an award.

Snapshot - Image Three

Playthrough Layout // Snapshot

There are several different pledges, starting from a base of £20 for just the copy of Snapshot and unlocked stretch goals, however, if you were keen on getting the expansion to unlock the solo mode and add another player to the mix, or a playmat to truly immerse yourself in the game - there are many of different options depending on how you would like to pledge.

If you did want to take a look at the rules comprehensively, the campaign page has provided access to the rules which can be downloaded here, so you can get your head around your camera before you head off into the wild. Plus if you are technologically minded and find yourself to be a bit of a wizz on Tabletopia, you can give the game a go digitally for free.

Box Preview // Snapshot

Funded in the first 5 hours, Snapshot is up on Kickstarter. Marcos Avlonitis, Richard Caves and Martin Daine have put their heads together to make their dreams a reality and bring Snapshot to the table. I truly could see the love and passion at UKGE when I attended behind this labour of love, and am thrilled to see the success of the campaign, especially so early on.

If you do back, you will be able to get your copy as soon as Christmas. With a quick turnover on the game, along with early access to the print-and-play version. You will be able to have this out after your gravy-soaked dinner arguing with your parents, nan and/or siblings over the points you are racking in from becoming the ultimate photographer.

You can ask John! My immediate attention was focused on the red panda. I wonder how much it is worth in Snapshot to spot a wild red panda at UKGE...

"To achieve this mission - 2-4 players will need to journey into the terrain both harsh and picturesque..."

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