Avoid Social Media Meltdowns In Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE Game

November 20, 2018 by cassn

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Just in case you don't have enough postmodern anxieties, Netflix and Asmodee have combined forces to bring the existential dread of Black Mirror to the tabletop.

Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE is based off the Netflix series episode of the same name. In a society where social success and the ability to thrive is determined by a collective score composed of 'likes' from social media, main character Lacie (Bryce Dallas Howard) finds a minor mistake begins a downhill slope of dislikes and unpopularity which destroys her entire life.


Not much is known about the board game yet, except that it 'features light social and strategic gameplay that is engaging, interactive, and accessible for new players'. Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE will also feature some form of smartphone integration which could be really cool or slightly terrifying - but with Charlie Brooker's classic series, the likelihood is that it will be both.

Players will attempt to create a 'perfect' life by collecting a series of lifestyle cards while avoiding 'dings' on their social score and judgment from their fellow social media users. Guess it's time to break out those dank memes.


Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE will be available from Target instore and online from the 25th November, however, there is no indication as to whether it will arrive in European markets, and whether it is a Target exclusive or simply a timed release. Regardless, interested socialites can keep their screens fixed on the Target website.

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"Time to break out those dank memes!"

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