Solve Puzzles In The Mansion Of The 7th Guest Board Game On Kickstarter

April 5, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

I absolutely love when something strikes the nostalgia factor for me and today's peek at Kickstarter was a SCORE! Do you remember the 90's computer game, The 7th Guest and it's sequel, the 11th Hour?

7th guest board game

Hey, they were awesome and super exciting - cutting edge games back in their time, and now Trilobyte Games has brought it back on Kickstarter in The 7th Guest Board Game!

7th guest contents

That's right, now you can explore the mysteries of the mansion and solve puzzles to your heart's content in this pretty awesome game. You and up to five friends can set off to explore the mansion and its secrets.

You must choose how elaborate you want your tour to be- nickel, dime or grand tour - each having a number of rooms involved. Obviously, the greater the tour, the longer your game, so you can tailor your gaming experience.

7th guest cards

The game comes with a six-sided die, thirty-six Mystery Spell cards, 108 Destination cards and 300 puzzler cards. The cards will dictate the rooms and order you need to explore them in as well as what kinds of puzzles you must solve in each location in order to move on to the next room. There's also miniatures to represent the guests and/or inhabitants of the mansion.

7th guest minis

One of the things I love most about the looks of this game is that it isn't too much. They're really keeping true to the game's original form in term of simplicity and will let the rest of the game, puzzles, interactions and your imaginations do the rest.

And on top of that, I really appreciate the high card count coming in the game in order to encourage replayability without immediately exhausting the secrets in the puzzles.

What do you think of this nostalgic conversion of CDROM gaming to the tabletop?

"...Trilobyte Games has brought it back on Kickstarter in The 7th Guest Board Game!"

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