Space Cowboys To Take New Direction With TIME Stories

February 7, 2019 by brennon

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Space Cowboys are bringing the first 'white cycle' of TIME Stories to an end soon with the release of Madame, the last scenario in this expansive narrative.

Time Stories Madame - Space Cowboys

Being the climax of this storyline things are never going to be the same by the end of this. Space Cowboys have said that this addition to the game will be different to most and shake things up too.

However, the main focus of the news on TIME Stories centres on the next 'blue cycle' which will change the way that the game is played. TIME Stories: Revolution will take a different approach to the game where each story can be played as a self-contained entity with no need to play them in order.

Time Stories Revolution - A Midsummer Night

This means that you can dive in with the scenario that appeals to you the most. In addition to this, the team behind the game have also said that there will be a revamp of the gameplay too. Players will now have receptacles (the bodies the players inhabit) that might elicit different responses from the characters within the story. For example, a character within the story might respond very differently to Player A than they do to Player B, making the choices you decide on more important.

TIME Stories: Revolution will also get rid of the time track which had you trying to complete the game before time ran out, causing you to go back through the game again and again. Instead, now each game will play out at a slower pace and complete in around three hours.

For those craving a linked experience Space Cowboys will also bring the scenarios together with an expansion too. This is all still a way off but worth looking into if you like TIME Stories.

Will you be getting into this?

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