A Spooky Good Time On Kickstarter With 7 Ghosts

May 21, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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Well, I managed to make it about two months without backing anything on Kickstarter - but I just couldn't help it when I found 7 Ghosts.

7 Ghosts by Keith Smith & Buddypal Games is a fast and fun card and dice game for two players. The art direction alone was enough to lure me in, but it's the quick mechanics that really sealed the deal. Players will race to be the first to collect 7 Ghosts.

This will be done by trying to roll the corresponding required colours to obtain cards from one of the four card piles on the table. There will be cards to augment your dice rolls to try to help you achieve your goal.

Naturally, players will be trying to obtain the ghost cards, but what fun would it be if it was really that simple? There are, of course, spoiler cards to block your opponent's efforts, which includes some fantastic "take that" moves. My absolute favourite is the "Oh no you didn't" and "Oh yes, I did" cards!

Plus there are Spooky Action cards that will offer additional special abilities, like changing the deck order of the 4 piles, digging from the bottom of the decks or bouncing the top card when you see your opponent putting a plan together.

Will you be joining the quest for 7 Ghosts?

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