Get Set For Stellar Fun In The Stars Align

October 4, 2018 by cassn

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Turn your eyes towards the heavens and search among the stars in the new astral game from PHD Games.

In The Stars Align, players must spot their stars within constellations in the sky.  To do this, players draw a constellation card, and then play that card to the board by placing stars on the board in their player colour.

Once the board is filled, the stars begin to twinkle by flipping to the reverse colour.  When the same colour stars create a line across the board, they become a shooting star and are removed from the board.  The first player to create five shooting stars wins!

Look, we all know I'm an Astro-nerd, so the theme of this game is always going to appeal to me.  It's not big or fancy, but it's a nice strategic two-player game with quality components.  And for $15, I would quite happily add it to my collection.


The Stars Align will be released on November 30th, but star-spotters can pre-order off the PHD Games website from November 2nd.

When is the last time you went stargazing?

"A nice strategic two-player game with quality components."

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