Stonemaier’s Twitchers Head To Europe In Wingspan Expansion

October 9, 2019 by brennon

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Stonemaier Games are adding to their celebrated game, Wingspan, with the addition of a European Expansion which will be coming to tabletops soon.

Wingspan European Expansion - Stonemaier Games

The new expansion comes with new artwork from a number of different artists which you'll see above, beautifully illustrating the different birds that you could see if you were to venture out into the countryside of Europe.

This new array of birds come with a selection of different abilities which affect the end of the round, interaction between players and more. There are also new bonus cards which can be shuffled into the original deck of cards to add even more variety to this beautiful game.

Wingspan European Expansion Contents - Stonemaier Games

Wingspan can be played as a solo game or in multiplayer, a relaxed and calm experience which I reckon would be made all the more awesome with the addition of a good cup of tea, some soothing music and a nice piece of cake. With it being the winner of the Kennerspiel it should certainly be on your mind to try and play this one.

As quite the keen birdwatcher and lover of nature, this is a game that is on my radar. Now I just need to find the funds for this and Everdell!

Are you going to be picking up the European Expansion?

"Now I just need to find the funds for this and Everdell!"

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