Create Immersive Story-Driven Worlds With Deck Of Worlds

June 4, 2021 by fcostin

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Creating worlds for adventures can be an absolute delight or a pain. Either inspiration strikes or merely stays restful in your head, and you are sitting frustrated with your ideas and the world you imagined was not coming into fruition.

Deck of Worlds // The Story Engine

Deck of Worlds is a standalone deck of prompts that is currently up on Kickstarter. And no, I am not writing about a brand new card game with twists and turns. I am writing about a new tool for us creative brains to help us immerse ourselves in our own new worlds at a quicker pace. No need to wait for inspiration to strike and Deck of Worlds has got us covered.

Contained inside the box, players will find prompts to help them create imagined lands, lore and map creation which may not have even been considered. Containing hundreds of different outcomes to create a whole roleplaying world to write at your fingertips.

The game has been designed by a wide variety of writers from all across the globe, sharing their wonderful ideas with aspiring novelists, game masters, storytellers and role-players out there.

Deck of Worlds // The Story Engine

The box combines six types of different cards to create an in-depth setting. Picking an environment - the terrain of your story, a landmark - a point of interest, a namesake card - an in-world nickname with a heads-up to the lore that can be found and hidden amongst the world, and stories cards containing origin, attribute and advent signifying past, present and future storytelling motives.

These cards will provide keen writers with enough information to explore their created world further, with enough information to get thrown into the new universe that was build within minutes.

Deck of Worlds Genre Expansion // The Story Engine

There is no need to stop there. If you already have a genre in mind of your world, there has already been three expansions unlocked for you to look deeper into your craft.

Deck of Worlds Cartography Expansion // The Story Engine

Want to expand even further? There are also three cartography expansions providing players more of a reach-in scope to where their world's setting might reside. More cards and more ideas.

Deck of Worlds Creative Expansion // The Story Engine

Three Creative expansions are also available and unlocked for you to delve deeper into the culture of your world too.

The Story Engine Humble Roots & Epic Origins Expansion // The Story Engine

If you were familiar with The Story Engine, previous Kickstarters helping players create a deeper story for their campaigns. The most recent expansions are also available for you to get your hands on too.

Deck of Worlds // The Story Engine

This Kickstarter Campaign is full to the brim with content. Already smashing past it's initial goal - creative minds alike myself will have lots of background to play with to help jumpstart that inspiration and to truly become a muse of new fantastical worlds to immerse yourself into.

There are 16 days left on the clock, so be sure to keep your eye on the campaign before it disappears from the interwebs.

How do you create your own worlds? Do you wait for inspiration to strike or do you have your own set of prompts? 

"The box combines six types of different cards to create an in-depth setting."

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