See What Stuff You Can Uncover In Workhouse’s Awful Orphanage

February 16, 2018 by brennon

Workhouse Games showcased some more of the upcoming Kickstarter project, The Awful Orphanage, as they revealed some of the 'Stuff' Cards that you're going to be uncovering as you explore in-game...

Awful Orphanage Cards #1

These Stuff Cards are going to be very useful for you and your little Orphans as you try and escape through the terrible trials set before you in Awful Orphanage. They also might be additionally useful for hindering your opponents!

For example, the Roller Skate above is one of those neat tricks you can unveil on your 'friends' to send them into trouble or make sure that you avoid an upsetting encounter.

I was somewhat spooked by this fellow though!

Awful Orphanage Cards #2

I think you'll agree that the artwork for this game is coming together nicely and it paints a very disturbingly awesome picture of the world that you're being dropped into. The detailed backing to the cards here too really does add an air of quality to the product as well.

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What kind of Stuff do you think you'll find in The Awful Orphanage?

"They also might be additionally useful for hindering your opponents!"

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