Super Dungeon Explore Pre-Orders are Finally Here!

October 4, 2011 by beerogre

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After all that anticipation, waiting an worrying, Soda Pop Miniatures have finally announced the pre-order for Super Dungeon Explore is live!

If you place your order before November 5th, you'll receive a copy of the exclusive Candy & Cola miniatures, previously only available at conventions.

Getting free stuff is never a bad thing. However, we've been waiting so long to get hold of SDE, that I can't help feeling a little deflated by the whole process. However, Romain keeps telling me that the miniatures are fun and personally I can never have too many "dungeon bash" games. I'm hoping this will be a replacement for D&D Minis, my brother and I used to play loads of that... and I miss the simple map based skirmishing fun.

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