New Teams & All-Stars Take To The DreadBall Season 4 Pitch

January 20, 2015 by brennon

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Mantic Games are rolling out more teams and if you were able to catch The Weekender XLBS last Sunday you'll have heard us getting very excited for more content on DreadBall. In the mean time, new teams! Check out the new Hobgoblin and Sphyr line-ups alongside some more Fan Favourite MVPs!

Rallion Roses

Nemion OceanicsThe first team above, the Hobgoblins, are the Rallion Roses and look like a very quirky team indeed. I love that they get a huge Hulk Guard as part of their set, always need a big guy...

"They stink, both metaphorically and literally, but that doesn't stop the Hobgoblins making the best of their admission to the big leagues. Now that they have found their way in, they are here to stay. Even if that way is through the side door."

The second team are the one that most of us have been waiting for, especially Warren. The Nemion Oceanic are the shark-like Sphyr team who are looking all kinds of awesome. I can't wait to see how these guys are going to look with guns when they finally arrive in Warpath!

"With their homeworld devastated, you might expect the Sphyr to be on the warpath. Certainly they have more than most races to be annoyed at the GCPS for after their world and their civilisation was destroyed. Instead of declaring war, they've taken to the DreadBall pitch, though it's possible that they think it's the same thing.

All Star MVP Pack

You couldn't have games of DreadBall without some MVPs too and that's what this All-Star pack brings to the table. I think you'll agree when I say that they seem to have hit both ends of the spectrum with this set! In here you get (from left to right) Grak, Irsala, and Schnörkel. If you want to find out more about them, check the link at the top of the page.

Are you still buying DreadBall teams?

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"You couldn’t have games of DreadBall without some MVPs too and that’s what this All-Star pack brings to the table"

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