Themeborne’s Escape The Dark Sector Pre-Orders Now Live

July 31, 2020 by brennon

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Themeborne has opened up Escape The Dark Sector for pre-orders over on their webstore. If you're interested in this new Dark Sci-Fi game which follows on from the classic Escape The Dark Castle then you can now snap it up ahead of a September release.

fEscape The Dark Sector - Themeborne.jpg

Escape The Dark Sector // Themeborne

Escape The Dark Sector plays around with the format of the previous game which had you moving from encounter to encounter and making choices. Taking things to the next level, Dark Sector throws in more diverse and dynamic combat options, ranged fights and ways for you to act more as a team.

The game also features the same fantastic black and white artwork which reminds me of classic Sci-Fi films and makes things all the more grim and harrowing. This is a pretty awesome step up compared to Escape The Dark Castle and offers a more tactical game I think.

Escape The Dark Sector Gameplay - Themeborne.jpg

Escape The Dark Sector Set-Up // Themeborne

As well as the pre-orders opening up for the main game, you can also pick up their Mission Playmat, Sector Soundtrack (Vinyl) and Sector Soundtrack (Cassette). It would be very cool to snag these and make your games all the more atmospheric.

What do you think?

"It would be very cool to snag these and make your games all the more atmospheric..."

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