Throw Throw Burrito Funds Half a Million On Kickstarter In First Day

February 27, 2019 by cassn

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From Matthew Inman and Elan Lee (joint creators of Exploding Kittens) comes a game that's all about hurling Mexican food at your friend's faces. Game night just got deliciously interesting. Part card game, part dodgeball, in Throw Throw Burrito, players draft cards to try and get sets of three matching cards.


Matching sets mean points for players. However, players can also amass a set of three matching 'burrito fight' cards, and when they do, it's a Mexican (food) stand-off. Two squishy, happy-faced burritos wait in the middle of the table to be needlessly hurled at your opponents face at full speed (this is probably not a first date game, but it's also probably the perfect first date game).


There are different types of food fight cards, including a two-person fight, a full table brawl, or a burrito v burrito duel. Turn and throw, gringo.

Points are lost for getting hit by a burrito, so it's all about that dodging skill. We suggest you play this in a place with plenty of options for cover, no breakable items, and probably don't set your actual burrito on the table unless you like your food freshly flung.


Throw Throw Burrito won't be everyone's idea of a great game but, if Kickstarter is to be believed, a significant amount of people want to chuck tortillas into the faces of their nearest and dearest, as the game has already amassed a huge half a million on Kickstarter, and it's been on the market less than a day. You can add your pledge here.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm away to chuck an enchilada at @ludicryan. Nothing to do with the game, he's just been looking a bit smug recently.

Yeet Yeet Amigos.

"Turn and throw, gringo!"

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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