Sometimes You Just Need To Think Tiny with Gamelyn Games

June 27, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Tiny Epic Defenders

There are times you want to proudly tote your large game bag full of foam and all the glorious minis you have painted, and then there are times you don't. Maybe you're travelling? Maybe you don't want to pay for the additional bags for your game? Maybe there's not one more speck of room in the car for your gear (or your significant other says "No")? Well, what if you could have a fun, epic game at your fingertips without the space concern? Gamelyn Games has the answer with their current Kickstarter, Tiny Epic Defenders. This game is the second game in the "Tiny" run for Gamelyn- the first being Tiny Epic Kingdoms.

This is a cooperative microgame (literally the box is 5x7 inches) with a unique turn-deck mechanic. The objective is for the players to defend the Capital City, in the center of the game, while managing threat and attempting to keep up with the turn deck. Each player chooses a hero.

Epic heroes

Then the players choose the set up of the world they are playing in, which determines the positions of the outer ring surrounding the heroes. You can even select the degree of difficulty that you would like to play and then players set the Turn and Horde decks accordingly. The heroes play against the dark forces trying to gain access to the Capital City. As the dark forces work on the outer rings, they set fires, which threatens the security of the Capital. Through progression of the threat, Dire Enemies will be unleashed. If players can defeat the Dire Enemies and collect enough Artifacts, an Epic Foe is released. If the players can defeat the Epic Foe, they win. The game can be played with 1-4 people and takes roughly 30 minutes.

Epic Foe

Knowing that gamers like to have cool cases for their games, I felt it worth mentioning that another company, Go7Games, has a Tiny Epic Chest available for your game. This was made for the original game, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, and will work for for all your Tiny storage needs.

Epic storage

Inside Epic storage

Feel like a Epic Tiny adventure?

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