Two Deluxe Expansions On The Way For Ashes From Plaid Hat

May 18, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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Plaid Hat Games and Asmodee are very excited to announce two new deluxe expansions for their beautiful, Ashes, game.


The Law of the Lions and The Song of the Soaksend will feature the new characters, Odette and Namine, as well as new dice and storage boxes full of goodies.


"She is the commander of the pride, the follower of the  path, the righteous judge and the merciful servant. She  emboldens the virtuous and strikes fear in the heart of the  transgressor. She is Odette Diamondcrest. Her quill  wrote  Lordswall’s law.

Her sword protected its gate. Her word  sent forth its crusaders. She will see the world  restored to  divine order"


"An ancient song binds its silvery strings to every living  soul.  Namine adds her voice to this unending melody.  She  plays the strings and subtly alters the song to her  will. She  changes the tempo from a calm wind to a  crashing storm.

She and the people of Soaksend know  this song and live  serenely within its melody. Woe unto those that cannot  hear its beauty."

These new expansions are due out any time now, so keep your eye out for these lovely ladies at your FLGS.

Have you had a chance to try this beautiful game, and how did you like it?

"The Law of the Lions and The Song of the Soaksend will feature the new characters, Odette and Namine..."

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