Uncover the Truth Behind the X-Files Board Game

March 18, 2014 by dracs

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Few TV shows have had as lasting an impact as The X-Files, the series which followed the adventures of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they unearthed the sinister conspiracies that lay in society's shadows. Now the search for truth will continue as IDW Games announce the upcoming X-Files Big Box Board Game.

The X-Files Board Game

IDW Games, whose range includes the upcoming Kill Shakespeare and 30 Days of Night, have stated that the board game will be seeing a release in July. In it players will take on the roles of Mulder, Scully and the various allies of the X-Files as they go up against the sinister forces of the Syndicate, including memorable villains like The Smoking Man.

The game will apparently draw heavily upon the first three seasons of the show, letting players get to grips with the elaborate mythology of alien sightings, conspiracies and the paranormal that the show established.

IDW have brought on board Kevin Wilson to design the game, who has previously worked on classic board games like Arkham Horror, Descent and Civilization. If this matches with Kevin's previous games, it would suggest that The X-Files Board Game will be an in-depth and intricate play experience, focusing heavily upon strategy, all brought to life by the art of Menton3, the comic bookartist behind the X-Files Season 10 comics from IDW Publishing.

As a long standing fan of the show I am really excited about this. X-Files was a great show, blending dark intrigue with snappy wit and excellent characters. Finally being able to explore the rich world it created in board game format is something I will be looking forward to.

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