Unleash Your Inner Demons In Hyde Society

April 18, 2019 by cassn

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Lone Shark Games have been working closely with Stoneblade Entertainment (Ascension) to create Hyde Society, a fantastical game set within the Victorian Era.


Lone Shark Games President Mike Selinker (Betrayal at House on the Hill) said the collaboration was a long time coming:

“Justin Gary made my favorite game, Ascension,” says Mike. “So when I found out he felt the same way about Betrayal, I invited him to write a haunt for the Betrayal expansion Widow’s Walk. That went so well that we just had to make a game together. He encouraged me to go back to the idea of a traitor game, and together our two awesome teams have made something very cool. When we finish it, we hope you like Hyde Society!”

Both companies have remained tight-lipped about the story of the game, however, we know that it will contain a traitor mechanic similar to Betrayal at House on the Hill. Until more information is released, we'll leave you with these ominous words from the press release:

Unlocking one’s true potential is a dangerous task

What fantastical monster would you most like to transform into? Tell us below!

"Unlocking one’s true potential is a dangerous task!"

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