Waits In Graves Tease New Project With Fancy Artwork

October 26, 2013 by brennon

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Waits in Graves, the fellows behind the awesome Epic Death! have posted up some concept art for an upcoming game. Now we've not heard much more than anyone else on this but as well as this there is an expansion for the aforementioned game and something else in the works too...

Upcoming Game Concept

As you can see they have gone with a bit of a horror/Gothic look here and it appears we have some kind of Dark Elf or Vampire on the cards. As I say there isn't much more to the news other than this awesome piece of artwork but it does fill me with excitement.

These guys did an epic job on Epic Death, pun intended, and I loved their mix of humour and brutality in their shank your neighbor mechanics so whatever these guys have in the pipeline has got to be worth keeping an eye on.


A while ago they also posted up this image of them running through a game where you had to get goats across a bridge. Sound familiar? I reckon this could be a pretty fun and indeed novel game so let's hope this is their smaller project.

Did you play Epic Death?

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