Z War One Blends Comic Books, Board Games and Zombies!

July 31, 2012 by brennon

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An interesting game has crept onto the radar, the comic book style board game Z War One. Check out some of the miniatures for 'Issue 2' of the game and I will explain a little more about it...

Goose, Luger and Diggers

Above you can see Goose (the human), Luger (the dog) and one of the Digger Zombies from the next 'issue' of the game. But just what exactly is this game I hear you say. Well it's very intriguing.

Z War One Box Art

Z War One is a competitive and co-operative survival horror game set during a zombie apocalypse. In the first set, which you can see the cover for above, players take control of one of four heroes fighting to survive and rack up enough experience to be named the issue winner. This will of course lend itself to some potential backstabbing!

The Road North Issue One

Issue One Heroes

Zombie Horde

Above you can see the models for both the survivors and the horde itself, some pretty good looking miniatures. Subsequent issues will then act as expansions for the game, detailing new plot points, adding more heroes like Goose at the top and of course more enemies.

The Road North Issue Two

This sounds like an intriguing game and one I would love to have a go at. Everyone loves shooting zombies!

So what do you think of this games premise? You can Pre-Order the main game on the Z War One website right now, and a Kickstarter is planned for the autumn to get this game shuffling and moaning onto gaming tables everywhere.

Check out the site and if you have played this game at any recent events let us know!

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