Warcradle Announce Altered Carbon: Fightdrome Card Game

August 11, 2020 by brennon

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The world of Altered Carbon is no stranger to the tabletop world with a roleplaying game already on the way. However, Warcradle Studios are also looking set to release their own card game called Altered Carbon: Fightdrome towards the end of 2020.

Altered Carbon Fightdrome - Warcradle Studios

Altered Carbon: Fightdrome // Warcradle Studios

The game is set to be a fast-paced combat card game where two players will slug it out in the Panama Rose area (to begin with, more arenas are on the way!). Each player will have their fighter's digital consciousness or stack placed into augmented bodies as you battle for supremacy in each bout. Card decks will be customisable depending on the way you combine your stack and its sleeves.

Hand Of God Martyr - Altered Carbon Fightdrome

Hand Of God Martyr // Altered Carbon: Fightdrome

Featuring some pretty slick looking artwork already, I am interested to see how this one plays. Two-player games are always worth exploring, especially if you want to get a quick and tactical game between friends at a local gaming store of club.

Suzaku Art - Altered Carbon Fightdrome

Suzaku // Altered Carbon: Fightdrome

Mandrake - Altered Carbon Fightdrome

Mandrake // Altered Carbon: Fightdrome

Urban Riot Synth - Altered Carbon Fightdrome

Urban Riot Synth // Altered Carbon: Fightdrome

More arenas and no doubt additional fighters are on the way for this game but the first introduction to Richard Morgan's world in card game form will be dropping at the end of 2020. You can check out their website for the game HERE for more information in the coming months.

Are you interested to see what this is all about?

"Are you interested to see what this is all about?"

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