The Wastelander Slices His Way Into Privateer’s Riot Quest

May 8, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has added another character into the mix for those playing their skirmishing tabletop game, Riot Quest. This month we fight alongside The Wastelander.

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Here is some of the background behind this particularly cool looking addition to their collection...

"From beyond the Stormlands comes the Wastelander. He is a ronin efaarit who has traveled to the ruins of western Immoren from the void-cursed nightmare that is the fallen Skorne Empire. The Wastelander cares not about childish ideals such as “good” or “evil”; he will work for anyone and for any reason…if the pay is good. Charging into battle with his massive mekitana, the Wastelander deflects bullets, blades, and bombs back at his assailants before slicing into them and carrying on to the next enemy in his sights."

Any fellow with a big sword and no compulsions to fight for either side ticks a lot of boxes for me. He seems like the kind of character that everyone would make in a roleplaying game given the chance to turn it up to eleven.

In-game, The Wastelander is great in melee as you might imagine and with his Deflect ability, he is able to rush forward and press the advantage. He might even get the enemy to shoot themselves in the process.

He can also be used as a Minion in Hordes, fighting as an Efaarit Solo. You can include him alongside Circle, Grymkin, Legion, Skorne, and Trollbloods if you like.

What do you make of The Wastelander?

"He can also be used as a Minion in Hordes, fighting as an Efaarit Solo..."

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