Watch Out For The Pentamind Championship At MSO 2019

August 14, 2019 by brennon

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Next week, Ryan is going to be heading to the Mind Sports Olympiad 2019 event held in London running from August 18th through till the 26th. He will be talking about all sorts at the event but a large focus will be on the crown jewel in their schedule, the Pentamind World Championship.


"This is a Pentathlon where you can pick and choose any five games from all of our events, and the person with the best five scores wins the world championship title. There are a few restrictions, such as only being able to use one score from each type of game (i.e. one chess score and one backgammon score), and this encourages players to learn lots of games--which is at the heart of MSO’s ethos. The Pentamind World Championship is the ultimate mind sports championship to find the best board games player in the world. Past champions have included Demis Hassabis, the founder of DeepMind, and game designer Dario de Toffoli."

This sounds like a rather fun concept and I like the idea that you work towards excelling in a key set of games. You can see the full selection of games being played out over the entire of the Olympiad below to get a better idea of the games on offer.

Mind Sports Olympiad Schedule

A lot of the event is going to be livestreamed and that's where Ryan comes in. He is going to be commentating on some of the games being played as well as wandering around the event to see what else is going on.

Which board or card game do you think you could win big with, playing at a competitive event like this?

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