WizKids Announce The Return Of Mage Knight With Resurrection

February 12, 2013 by brennon

WizKids announced yesterday that they would be reinventing the Mage Knight game with a new release, Mage Knight: Resurrection. Check out a few details about the game below...

Mage Knight Resurrection

"Planned for release in fall 2013, MAGE KNIGHT: RESURRECTION will be a full fantasy miniatures line utilizing the Combat Dial System game platform it pioneered. There will be 25 miniatures in the line, with content pulled from all corners of the MAGE KNIGHT universe. Each figure will incorporate SwitchClix technology, and include two dials  one designed for the MAGE KNIGHT 2.0 rules, and a second HeroClix P.A.C.-compatible dial. MAGE KNIGHT: RESURRECTION will be offered in both full starter sets and collectible booster packs, two formats familiar to the collectible industry and fans of the collectible franchise"

Sounds like it could be a pretty interesting re-emergence for this hit game. Maybe more people can finally get their hands on the game and enjoy some nice miniatures too!

Have you played Mage Knight?

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