Workhouse Release Special Stragglers Boxed Set For The Awful Orphanage

August 8, 2018 by brennon

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Workhouse Games has released a special boxed set for those who are looking to get a peek at The Awful Orphanage a little ahead of time. Here are The Stragglers...

The Stragglers Genius & Weasel - Workhouse Games

The Stragglers were some of the last miniatures created for The Awful Orphanage Kickstarter and this boxed set will be sold in a strictly limited fashion. Once these have sold out from their webstore, they are gone for good!

Inside the set, you will get the miniature for Genius & Weasel as well as a special Weasel Card.

If you're still waiting patiently for your Awful Orphanage game to arrive this is a good way to tide you over.

Which of the two is your favourite?

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