Zombicide: Green Horde Free Scenario Available Now

June 17, 2021 by fcostin

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Now is the time to be playing Zombicide. Whether it be the brand new Second Edition recently released by CMON, Zombicide Green Horde or Zombicide Invader. There have been weekly instalments containing new scenarios on the CMON website; quests, and collaborations too! This fills us lovers of the undead with more content in the successful survival title, keeping us engaged for even longer. Which I am delighted about.

There is a new quest up and ready for us board gamers to dive into and embark on in Zombicide Green Horde. And this week, we are trying to help Berin Jenkins escape from his mental frenzy, and get him into safety. Entitled BERIIIN JENKINS, which out of honour you must say in a LEEROY JENKINS fashion.

Zombicide Green Horde // CMON

For 5+ survivors, players have been tasked to teleport Berin away from danger. He is aimlessly attacking all around him, and if not rescued: he could fall in peril.

As usual, players will need to meet a set of objectives within the scenario to win. In this quest, players must assemble a Teleport Stone to ensure Berin leaves in one piece, along with getting Berin and at least one more survivor out! Once those objectives have been met, the scenario has been completed. Obviously, I make this sound simple. But with special rulesets in place surrounding Berin and setup... you will not know what has hit you!

Taking roughly 90 minutes, the scenario has been labelled as "hard", so be sure to get your thinking caps on to enable some strategy. As hack and slash is not the way forward for this scenario. Ask Biran, he isn't doing so well with that approach!

Access to the new scenario can be found here, and if you give it a go - be sure to let us know in the comments. I will let you know how I get on saving Berin too.

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"Taking roughly 90 minutes, the scenario has been labelled as "hard"."

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