Zombie Trolls Mark The Next Stretch Goal For Dungeon Sagas

August 6, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games are still going great guns with their Kickstarter campaign for Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf King's Quest. Despite a few reservations as to the number of miniatures people would be getting it looks like the number of extras for the initial pledge are beginning to mount up. Are these Zombie Trolls making it worth the investment?

Zombie Trolls


The Zombie Trolls have already been unlocked for the game as the backers march towards the quarter of a million mark once again for a Mantic product. The next goal is to hit that $250k barrier and unlock not only Hoggar but also his boss tile as well allowing him to become part of the game proper. I do like these Zombie Trolls and since I've been reading Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition recently all I can think is "these would make great dungeon fodder".

Keldan Aury’mptor

The Mantic folk have also detailed the special hero that will be joining the cast of heroes delving deep into the Dwarf King's Hold. Keldan Aury’mptor is a Twilight Kin Demonhunter that of course continues the theme this time around of borrowing from other intellectual properties. Drizzt anyone? Hopefully the miniature is top notch!

Are you teetering on the edge of pledging?

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