The Bolt Action British Get A Plastic Cromwell Cruiser!

October 6, 2014 by brennon

Another tank has rolled off the plastic production line from Warlord Games and this time it's for the Bolt Action British. This time the armoured support comes from the Cromwell Cruiser...

Cromwell Cruiser #1

Cromwell Cruiser Tank

Cromwell Cruiser #2

The Cromwell was reportedly the best of it's breed and had a good balance of armour, weapons and speed. A massive 74mm cannon on the top would be punching through a certain degree of armour while the machine gun would deal with the infantry.

Much like with some of the tanks we've talked about in the past the real way of outwitting the German tanks appeared to be through speed and being able to outflank the Axis war machine.

This tank is also a very good looking tank which is pretty cool. I like the ones that have a dose of the more modern design in them.

What do you think of the Cromwell?

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