Bolt Action Getting New D-Day Firefight Starter Set!

August 7, 2014 by brennon

Getting a release at the end of August Warlord Games will be giving you a whole new way to begin your battles in Bolt Action. D-Day Firefight will become the new Starter Set!

Bolt Action D-Day Firefight

D-Day Firefight contains...

  • Bolt Action mini-rulebook
  • 1 modular plastic ruined farmhouse
  • 10 plastic multi-pose 28mm German infantry
  • 1 plastic 1:56 scale Sd.Kfz 251/1C Hanomag half-track
  • 20 plastic multi-pose 28mm US Army troops
  • Scenario booklet
  • Quick reference sheet
  • 60 Pin Markers
  • 2 Rulers
  • 8 order dice, two sets of 4 in two different colours
  • 10 six sided dice

A mini-rulebook, a half-track, scenario booklet, quick reference sheet and pin-markers sound perfect and this looks like a decidedly better entrance level product for the game than Assault on Normandy. That was a good piece of kit and got me sorted with my Germans but this sounds like it could be even better.

It will be cool to see what scenarios they bring in with this set and if they help get you acquainted with the rules in a neat linked series of games.

Will you get this?

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